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Mastic Asphalt Proofing

Manufacturer: Techiad
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Hot applied waterproofing coating that comprises of bitumens and mineral fillers.

A highly viscous adhesive material used for sealing joints, skirting, waterproofing and the protection of storage tanks.

  • Appearance : Black solid (at ambient °C)
  • Relative density: 2.0 - 2.4 (at 15°C)
  • Flash point: >300°C

It is ideal in areas susceptible to acid/alkali attack.

  • In the event of contact with hot Mastic Asphalt, immediately cool affected part under cold running water for at least 10 minutes. Once cooled, residual Mastic Asphalt adhering to the skin should not be removed as it provides a sterile barrier which will detach itself after a few days.
  • If the product has to be removed, use warm medicinal liquid paraffin. Do not use solvents. All burns should receive medical attention. For more information refer to MSDS.

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