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Manufacturer: Techiad
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Packaging Sizes: 500g | 1kg | 5kg

Roofsil is one component PVA-acrylic emulsion based product suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Roofsil is available in a variety of colours.

A highly viscous adhesive material used for sealing joints, skirting, waterproofing and the protection of storage tanks.

  • Roofsil is fast drying giving a gloss finish that is tough, waterproofing and maintains its properties even when exposed to harsh climatic conditions.
  • It adheres well to fabric, asbestos, plaster, wooden, kaylite, grass thatch, paper and other absorbent surfaces.
  • Trinepon Roofsil is flexible non-toxic.
  • It has low dirt-retention.

A user friendly adhesive for general sealing and maintenance work on roof leakages.

  • Clean all tools and equipment with warm water immediately after use.
  • Wash hands with soap and warm water.
  • Tech Roofsil must be stored under cool and dry conditions in tight closed containers.
  • Ensure that surfaces to be treated are clean and dry.
  • Remove any dust by brushing using a brittle brush or by blowing with compressed air.

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