Our Vision - +

To shape, restore, bind and stimulate the structural relationships within homes, businesses and environments of the Sub Saharan region.

Mission - +

To compete in the provision of first-rated quality chemical products for the domestic and industrial sectors of the Sub-saharan communities.

Values - +

  • Innovated quality products and services that deliver esteemed value.
  • Committed personnel with logical thinking in a friendly environment.
  • Prudent and optimum usage of material, financial and human resources.
  • Treating stakeholders with courtesy and respect.
  • Fair renumeration to our employees and all stakeholders.

G & S Chemicals has become a leading supplier of chemical formulated products through continual expansion of our product research and development unit. We continually improve our company quality objectives by committing to provide services and products that consistently satisfy and exceed our customers' diverse requirements.

To secure a market share that assures continuous growth.

TECHIAD PRODUCTS, Add value to your property

Company Creed

G& S Chemical Agencies (Pvt) Ltd is a registered company that manufactures and distributes chemical formulated TECHIAD branded products. We believe in first rated quality service and products that steer our business operations, hence the innovative culture embedded in how we conduct our business. We strive on focused team spirit in executing our objectives while at the same time, conscious of the desire for a safe and clean environment.

The company has been in existence since mid 1999 and its management is blended with over a century of wide ranging wealthy technical experience and blessed with professional qualities that assist our organisation in sailing through the economic turbulent periods. Overtime we have estabilished a broad trade network spanning over industry and commerce and have succeeded in favourably positioning our brand, TECHIAD PRODUCTS in most market segments.


Sapoti S


Acquired over thirty years exposure in the chemical formulated products industry. He is credited with business strategies, business leadership, sales and marketing.

Manuhwa C

Operations Manager

Over thirty five years experience in accounting, business admimstration and leadership.

Dlamini S

Finance And Administration

Over twelve years experience in accounting, finance and administration

A Shared Goal Is A Cared Soul..

The strong belief instilled in our communication motto has extremely contributed in the building of our focused team. We boost some distinguished levels of productivity and quality control that have surpassed the industry's standards..